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  • Gabrielle D. Daoust
  • 2013
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VSO Cameroon full report

Actions and interactions: Gender equality in teaching and education management in Cameroon

International Task Force on Teachers for Education for All and VSO

This research examines gender equality in teaching and education management in primary and secondary education in Cameroon, with a focus on policy efforts and challenges. The context of this research is outlined in Section 1, which examines the significance of gender equality in teaching and education management. Globally, there has been progress in gender parity in school enrolment, retention and progression, but significant policy efforts are needed to achieve gender equality in education and ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for girls and boys (UNESCO, 2011, 2012a). Gender parity has not yet been achieved in primary or secondary education in Cameroon, though education policy efforts have promoted gender equality by aiming to increase girls’ school access, retention and completion.

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