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Teacher Policy Development

Teacher policies

Policy documents present the concrete choices made by countries across various teacher policy dimensions, such as recruitment and retention, teacher education, deployment, career paths, working conditions, remuneration, teacher standards and accountability. While each policy document reflects regional and national challenges, many of these are shared globally or regionally. As such these policy documents can be the starting point for lesson sharing and policy learning leading to the emulation of good practices across countries and regions.

The Teacher Task Force Knowledge Hub makes available a variety of resources such as comprehensive national teacher policy documents, teacher policy action plans, continuing professional development frameworks, teaching standards and competency frameworks. The list below will be regularly updated as new policy documents are added.


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Tools for teacher policy development

An important means for the Teacher Task Force to support holistic teacher policy development is by making available tools that will assist national decision-makers and education officials in the policy design and development process. By identifying the key dimensions that a national teacher policy should cover and how these are interrelated, these tools assist national governments in creating systems that better support teachers and the teaching profession.


The Teacher Policy Development Guide

The Teacher Policy Development Guide (TPDG) was developed through a participatory and inclusive approach under the 2014–2016 Strategic Plan. The Guide facilitates the review of evidence-based national teacher policies. It also frames teacher policies within the education sector plan and national development priorities, and examines the interlocking dimensions for a teacher policy, and their correlations. Finally, it outlines the phases in the process to develop a teacher policy and outlines the steps and issues to address when implementing a national teacher policy.

Between 2018–2021, the TPDG was piloted and evaluated in a number of countries. It is currently being disseminated to a large range of stakeholders as a learning tool to promote capacity development at the country level.

Learn more about the Teacher Policy Development Guide.

In 2021, the Teacher Task Force also developed a cross-cutting new module on crisis-sensitive teacher policy and planning to support countries dealing with various types of crises and emergency situations. The module helps countries apply a crisis-sensitive lens in the development of national teacher policies. This includes working to anticipate and address challenges with recruitment, deployment, retention, training, ensuring job security and safe working conditions, prioritizing teacher well-being, and identifying key actions that teachers can take to make schools areas of peace, safety, and learning.