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Transforming Education Summit 2022 - #TeachersTransform campaign

#TeachersTransform campaign

Calling on the international community to put teachers at the centre of education transformation.

The Teacher Task Force has launched an advocacy campaign targeting governments, the donor community and the wider public to turn the spotlight on the critical role of teachers and teaching in transforming education systems, and to call for greater support for the development of the teaching profession.

In particular, the campaign aims to:

  1. Advocate for the need for education systems to adapt to support teachers as change agents: through better professional development, working conditions that foster innovation, motivation and raising the status of the profession.
  2. Through concrete positive examples, show how better trained, motivated and empowered teachers can be central agents in the transformation of education systems and improving student learning.
  3. Mobilize countries and donor organizations to pledge targeted support for teachers, in line with the recommendations coming from the discussion paper for the Action Track 5 on Financing of education.
  4. Raise the status of the teaching profession by drawing attention to how teachers can bring about the transformation of education systems necessary to reach the 2030 goals.

Get engaged:

Join the Transforming Education Summit side events:

16 September 12:00-13:00 – Room 7 - Fostering Student Leadership and Transformational Teaching

17 September 14:45-16:15 – Room 1 - Transforming Education Through Teacher Leadership and Innovation

17 September 16:30-18:00 - Room 3 - Teachers at the Heart of Education


Transforming Education Summit and the Action Track 3 – Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession

As part of the global preparation for the Transforming Education Summit, the third thematic Action Track focuses on “Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession”.

It examines responses to issues to transform education, including: i) teacher shortages; ii) teaching personnel qualifications and emerging professional development needs, iii) status and working conditions and; iv) teacher leadership and innovation.

Action Track 3 is being led by representatives of two member states (Nigeria and Romania) and the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 has been officially designated as the co-lead stakeholder. The work of the Action Track is being supported by the UN Support team, comprised of the International Labor Organisation (anchor), and UNESCO (alternate), UNICEF, UNHCR, UNRWA and the World Bank.

Activities of Action Track 3 include:

  • The development of a Discussion paper to identify the ambitions, challenges, opportunities and possible solutions for the teaching profession.
  • Open consultations, aimed at identifying good practices and innovations and mobilizing new commitments to action and identifying elements critical to transforming education. The first public consultation, focusing on the discussion paper, was held on 24 May. Watch the replay here.

    The second consultation, on 14 June, focused on the promising practices and potential new initiatives. 
  • Mobilize partners to submit promising practices to be part of a catalogue to be produced for the Summit. Submit your promising practice hereGuidelines on how to do it can be consulted here
  • Advocating for the key role of teachers in the transformation of education.


About the Thematic Action Tracks

The Thematic Action Tracks work stream spotlights five areas that require greater attention and action and that can accelerate progress on education and the 2030 Agenda and transform education. 

The themes of the Action Tracks are universally relevant and reflect the lifelong learning perspective of SDG 4. Equity and gender equality, as well as education in emergencies are mainstreamed in each Thematic Action Track. The following are the five thematic actions tracks for the Summit:

  • Inclusive, equitable, safe, and healthy schools 
  • Learning and skills for life, work, and sustainable development
  • Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession 
  • Digital learning and transformation  
  • Financing of education 

For more information, see here.

The Pre-Summit was held on 29 and 30 June in Paris and the Summit will take place on 19 September. See here for more information and updates. 


About the Discussion Paper

Each action track’s discussion paper aims to inform and inspire reflections and discussions, including in the National Consultations that have been organized as part of the Summit preparation processes. The short Discussion Paper focuses on the desired changes and transformations and describes the key investments, interventions and game changers. It  includes three key recommendations to inform the Summit and national voluntary commitments.

The discussion papers:

  • provide evidence-informed recommendations for action at the country level;
  • identify successful policy interventions and good practices; and
  • provide suggestions for collective follow-up action at the global level, building on and strengthening existing initiatives, partnerships or coalitions.


Hero image credit: UNICEF