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    Carolyn Wilson,
    Alton Grizzle,
    Ramon Tuazon,
    Kwame Akyempong,
    Chi Kim Cheung
  • 2011
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Media and information literacy curriculum for teachers

This Media  and  Information  Literacy  (MIL) Curriculum  for  Teachers  is  an  important  resource  for  Member  States  in  their  continuing  work  towards  achieving  the  objectives  of  the  Grünwald  Declaration  (1982),  the  Alexandria  Declaration  (2005)  and  the  UNESCO  Paris  Agenda  (2007)  –  all  related  to  MIL.  It  is  pioneering  for  two  reasons.  First,  it  is  forward  looking,  drawing  on  present  trends  toward  the  convergence  of  radio,  television,  Internet,  newspapers, books, digital archives and libraries into one platform – thereby, for the first time, presenting MIL in a holistic manner. Second, it is specifically designed with teachers in  mind  and  for  integration  into  the  formal  teacher  education  system,  thus  launching  a  catalytic process which should reach and build capacities of millions of young people.

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