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  • Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO),
    The Teachers' Council of Thailand,
  • 2018
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Southeast Asia Teachers Competency Framework (SEA-TCF)

This publication is a product of a regional collaboration involving 11 Ministries of Education in Southeast Asia (10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations -ASEAN- countries plus Timor Leste) working together on a framework to develop a Southeast Asia Teachers Competency Framework (SEA-TCF).

The SEA-TCF is a set of skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attributes which the 11 Ministries of Education have agreed that teachers in their respective countries need to have. It consists of four essential competencies identified by key high officials from the 11 Ministries of Education as well as experts in teacher education from the 11 countries.

The objective of the SEA-TCF is to serve as a guide for use in teacher professional development toward realizing 21st Century Skills and practices within a context that is regionally appropriate and in line with global best practices. Moreover, representatives from the 11 Ministries of Education agreed that the SEA-TCF can support the ASEAN Community and regional integration, as well as provide a solid foundation and guidelines for teacher exchange and teacher mobility within the Southeast Asia region.

This SEA-TCF is considered an important document because it was designed for Southeast Asian teachers by Southeast Asian teachers, keeping in mind the national and regional context which are unique to the region. The SEA-TCF has been field-tested to ensure that the language and concepts are clear to all teachers to ensure proper buy-in, ready comprehension and ease in application.