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  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia
  • 2021
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Continuous professional development handbook. A guide to continuous professional development for teachers, school directors and education specialists in Cambodia

Drawing on the 2013 Teacher Policy and the 2015 Teacher Policy Action Plan, the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Framework and Action Plan for teachers and school directors was developed in 2019 as a roadmap to developing the CPD system for educators in Cambodia. This sets out a vision of regular CPD as both a right and a responsibility for the nation's educators.

This handbook is intended as an accessible, easy-to-consult manual for all those involved in CPD for teachers, school directors and education specialists in Cambodia . It is designed to support educators in planning their CPD, their managers in supporting the process, including those who are responsible for conducting institution-based (annual) performance appraisals, Ministry of Education officials , representatives of other government institutions, CPD providers (including but not limited to Teacher Education Institutions, NGOs or Technical Departments of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport) and any other individual or organisations with an interest in professional development for education personnel and educators in Cambodia.

A significant reform of the teacher education and education personnel capacity building process is ongoing in Cambodia, including the introduction of an innovative CPD system. As a result, this handbook is a living document, designed to be regularly updated to reflect developments in the system as they are implemented.