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  • Aram Avagyan,
    Violeta Petroska-Beska,
    Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • 2018
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North Macedonia. Education strategy for 2018-2025 аnd action plan

The Education Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia for 2018-2025 and its Action Plan were developed with the financial and technical support of the European Union through wide consultation and participatory process which was implemented by means of a large number of meetings, discussions, debates and conferences at different stages of the Strategy development – more precisely from identification of the challenges and priorities to formulation of the final text. Extensive support and contribution were provided by many experts, scholars and academics, public and political figures, representatives of public institutions, the civil sector and other stakeholders interested in the development of human resources and education policies in the Republic of Macedonia. Strategy development was implemented by six Working Groups established by the Ministry of Education and Science and supervised by two National Coordinators. They were supported by a team of experts acting within the EU Technical Assistance project implemented by Agriconsulting Europe S.A. (Belgium) - AESA. This first draft of the Strategy was produced in June 2016 and disseminated among the key stakeholders including national authorities, public institutions, social partners, educational institutions, development partners, experts and other players in the field of education. Based on their recommendations, the Strategy was reviewed, and further improved and the final version was presented in late 2017.

One of the priorities of the Education Strategy will be to improve capacities of human resources (managers, teaching and other staff) and to operationalise career advancement mechanisms across education levels (pre-school, primary and secondary education, VET, higher education and adult education).

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