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Global report on teachers

The new biennial Teacher Task Force & UNESCO Global reports on teachers will support teachers and quality teaching with up-to-date knowledge and analysis to advance evidence-based policy-making to ensure that all children have access to quality learning opportunities.

Currently, there are no dedicated global reports which aim to systematically capture and reproduce global, regional and national data and analysis on the progress towards SDG goal 4.c. This report will fill a gap within a body of global public goods and aim to use data and analysis to improve teacher-related education policies and programmes.

The objectives of the new biennial report will be to:

  • monitor global progress towards achieving SDG 4. c. through the co-collection and presentation of relevant data and indicators at the global, regional and national levels, drawing from a wide variety of sources and allowing for a comparative analysis between countries and regions and progress over time;
  • analyse on pressing and topical issues facing the teaching profession, which can support or hinder progress towards the SDG 4 targets;
  • draw on the experience within the Teacher Task Force membership, to present evidence-based good practice and recommendations for policy-makers and other stakeholders;
  • advocate and draw attention to the need for greater investment in the teaching profession, turning the spotlight on the critical role of teachers and educators more broadly as well as the need for more and better internationally comparable data to track progress.


Global Report on Teachers 2024 - Addressing teacher shortages and transforming the profession

The first edition will examine teacher shortages looking at recent data and trends, the multiplicity of causes, possible factors to address the issue, financing, future research, and recommendations.

The Highlights of this Report have been presented during the UNESCO General Conference on 8 November 2023. The full report will be launched during the 14th Policy Dialogue Forum in February 2024.

Access the first Global Report on Teachers here (the link will be active from 26 February 2024).


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