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  • International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030,
  • 2023
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Global report on teachers. Addressing teacher shortages. Highlights

This document presents the highlights of The Global Report on Teachers. Addressing teacher shortages, which is the first edition of a biennial report that will fill a gap within existing data and knowledge, since currently there are no dedicated global reports which aim to systematically capture and reproduce global, regional and national data and analysis on the progress towards Target SDG 4.c.

This first edition focuses thematically on teacher shortages looking at the multiplicity of factors that hinder teacher availability, its root causes, and possible ways to address the issue, including making the profession more attractive, targeted education financing, the identification of data needs and future research. The report will draw on the experiences of the Teacher Task Force members, partners and other constituencies, to present evidence-informed promising practices and recommendations for policy-makers and other stakeholders.

The full list of cited references is available here.