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  • Ministère de L'Éducation Nationale, de l'Alphabétisation et de la Promotion des Langues Nationales du Burkina Faso
  • 2020
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Stratégie nationale sur la question enseignante [National Teacher Strategy for Burkina Faso – SNAQUE] 2021–2025

A study into teaching was carried out in 2019 with the technical and financial support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The preliminary results show that in terms of educational activity planning, the “supply of teachers and/or trainers at all levels” is an action in its own right in the Plan sectoriel de l’éducation et la formation [Education and Training Sector Plan – PSEF] 2017–2030, which is the frame of reference for educational policy. The PSEF aims to have enough high-quality teachers and trainers available for education and training facilities by 2030.

Nevertheless, the Burkinabe education system did not yet have a comprehensive strategy for developing the teaching profession. All the actions of the partners and the Government had not been analysed within one shared vision. As there was a risk that the interventions could overlook important aspects of teacher management, a strategy regarding teachers had to be developed.

Moreover, in recent years, the Burkinabe education system has experienced social unrest characterized by teacher strikes that have at times disrupted educational activities. To prevent these crises, it was important to involve teachers’ unions in developing a strategy. This teacher strategy was developed using a participatory approach.
The content and form of the strategy document take into account the policy development guide in force in Burkina Faso, as well as the Teacher Policy Development Guide prepared by the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 hosted by UNESCO.

In terms of educational levels, the teacher strategy covers the preschool, primary, post-primary, secondary and informal education levels in Burkina Faso. This strategy document is divided into four parts: (i) analysis of the teaching issue; (ii) the strategy’s components; (iii) implementation and monitoring and evaluation arrangements; and (iv) risk analysis and management.

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