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  • International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030
  • 2020
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The Futures of Teaching - Final Report

This report summarizes the core thinking on the future of teaching discussed at the 12th Policy Dialogue Forum in Dubai in December 2019, drawing on examples of emerging approaches and good practice presented throughout the forum. Examples have been chosen for their originality – including new ways of thinking about teaching, teacher education and decision making that revisit past assumptions and/or harness collaboration to increase impact.

The report is just one part of the Teacher Task Force’s efforts to make information and knowledge on innovative teaching practice more widely available throughout the education community. By showing what is possible in different contexts, we hope to enrich our support for UNESCO Member States’
efforts to achieve their SDG targets. We also hope to generate further global, regional and country engagement in the future of teaching and advance the case for increased investment in the teaching community.