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Teachers in Ibero-America. Insights from PISA and TALIS

This report uses OECD data, primarily from the PISA 2015 and TALIS 2013 cycles, and seeks to evaluate the Ibero-American teaching profession in support of policy makers across the region. It provides contextual evidence about the environment in which Ibero-American teachers work and develop, underlining the need for concerted support for teachers in the region. The analysis covers a number of countries from the Latin American region as well as Spain and Portugal.

It provides a general overview of the teaching workforce in the Ibero-American countries, analysing the key characteristics of the region’s teachers and the extent of teacher sorting across schools and its relationship to equity in education. The report emphasises the importance of creating attractive teaching career structures and teacher-related policies that can lead to effective learning environments, and also discusses the policy implications of what the data do and do not show. It complements this country-level analysis with examples of excellence both from within the region and from outside the region.