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  • UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)
  • 2019
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Teacher career reforms in Peru - Country note

A teacher career reform was adopted in 2012 in Peru as part of a national effort to enhance the value of the teaching profession and restore confidence in the government’s ability to efficiently administer the career structure. The Ley  de  Reforma Magisterial (LRM, Teacher  Reform  Law) was  aimed  at  harmonizing  existing  regulations  whereby  teachers  belonged to different pay systems and career frameworks. It introduced a new career structure  providing  all  public  service  teachers  with  the  same  requirements,  rights,  and  opportunities.  The  LRM  linked  teachers’  promotions  and  salary  increases  to  their  professional  performance.  The reform’s design  strongly  emphasized  setting  up  clear  horizontal and vertical career paths and evaluation procedures.