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  • UNESCO International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa (IICBA)
  • 2010
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Bringing back the teacher to the African school

The major operators (those who make things happen) are not researchers; they are not policy makers; they are not education ministry technocrats; they are teachers. These professionals are central to the success of a nation’s investment in education, as judged by the extent to which point three in the paragraph before is achieved. This work, unlike most of what has gone before, does not dwell much on quantity issues. Its emphasis is more on teacher quality concerns, while recognizing that quality must also attain a critical mass to be of any real value.  Part of the quality concerns involve seeking answers to the question ‘who is a teacher?’ This work considers the qualities needed of today’s teacher.  It posits that teachers possessing such qualities have long diminished in number from the African school and presents ideas on how the situation can be reversed in a sustainable manner.