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  • 2019
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African Teacher Qualification Framework For Teacher Quality, Comparability and International Mobility

The ATQF is one of the series of frameworks borne out of the first Strategic Objective of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25). The first Strategic Objective is to “Revitalize the teaching profession to ensure quality and relevance at all levels of education” (African Union, 2016b).

The ATQF is a comprehensive tool for teacher development and professionalism. It covers initial teacher education, teaching practice, induction, and mentoring. It further encompasses the continuous professional development, progression along the career pathway and professional regulatory policies and practices. Together, these issues constitute what is known as teacher qualification in its broadest sense. Therefore, in the ATQF, teacher qualification is not used in in a restrictive sense to imply qualification from a teacher education institution alone; rather it refers to the totality of what it takes to enter and remain in the teaching profession on a life-long basis, including the statutory professional regulation of teaching.

The key purpose of the ATQF is to serve as a common referential for teacher qualification in Africa. This will be achieved through the synchronization and standardization of teacher development and qualification recognition criteria across the member states of the African Union using the ATQF as guide.