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  • 07.07.2023
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AI and education. Guidance for policy-makers

This publication offers guidance for policy-makers on how to best to leverage the opportunities and address the risks, presented by the growing connection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and...
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  • 07.07.2023

How Artificial Intelligence will impact K-12 teachers

This article analyses the potential of Artificial Intelligence to support teachers through the automation of tasks like preparation activities, administration, evaluation and feedback, so that they...
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  • 04.07.2023

Generative AI and the future of education

This paper presents the reflections by Ms. Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO, on generative AI and the future of education. The paper identifies some of the...
  • 24.05.2023

Artificial Intelligence for Educators: ethical challenges, practices and guidelines

The recent raise of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications such as ChatGPT is raising questions among educators and education leaders: how to deal with AI-related plagiarism? Should these tools be banned from schools? Is it possible to integrate them safely and effectively in teaching settings? How to build critical knowledge on AI systems among educators, to make sure that the management of educational data is secure, privacy-proof and used for the common good?

AI tools can potentially enhance teaching, learning and assessment, but at the same time they must be handled with care, to avoid harmful consequences.

The webinar will focus on the concept of Ethical AI, that is the development, deployment and use of AI that ensures compliance with ethical norms, principles and core values. Specifically, the recent “Ethical guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence and data in teaching and learning for educators” by the European Commission will be presented and illustrated with practical examples.  

At the end of the webinar, an open session will take place to collect ideas from the members of the ETF Community of Innovative Educators on new activities to be developed within the community.

Please register at this link.