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  • European Commission
  • 2020
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Supporting teacher and school leader careers. A policy guide

This policy guide reflects the results of ten years of European collaboration to improve the support to teachers and school leaders within school education systems. The guide acknowledges that an innovative and inclusive European Education Area can only be achieved with passionate and highly competent teachers. However, with just a few exceptions, education systems around the world are struggling to overcome teacher shortages as part of a number of challenges of establishing and maintaining a highly competent, enthusiastic and committed workforce.

The guide identifies the main challenges to overcome teacher shortages (recruitment, retention and regeneration) and some ways forward with the support of policy makers. Two core ideas are explored: the need to recognise and support diverse career paths; and the need to take a coherent approach to that support. The first idea leads to policies that increase and diversify opportunities, and ensure that they are visible and accessible. The second idea concerns the deployment of frameworks that clearly support the individual’s future development. The argument made in the Guide is to carefully consider evaluation and feedback processes, and for teachers to build on their own talents as well as to meet the competence expectations of all teachers; both needing to be coherent with the school development plan. The two ideas come together with the suggestion for a “career competence”: the capacity of teachers and school leaders to adopt an imaginative approach to their career, taking themselves in bold and interesting directions that will still benefit the school.