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  • Global School Leaders,
    The Varkey Foundation
  • 2023
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School Leadership Network Annual Report: Navigating Challenges and Inspiring Change

This document presents the School Leadership Network's Annual Report for the year 2022. It encapsulates the collective journey of the network towards fostering effective school leadership and advocating for its paramount importance in the realm of education.

The School Leadership Network is a collaborative initiative jointly led by the Varkey Foundation and Global School Leaders, and it is part of the International Teacher Task Force thematic groups. Its primary objective is to establish a robust global community centered around school leadership, with a core focus on enhancing the role of leaders in schools and advocating for their essential contribution to education. 

This comprehensive report presents key findings and insights on school leadership, community outreach, and professional development. By sharing these challenges and best practices, the aim is to foster collaboration and support among school leaders, enabling them to develop effective leadership strategies that make a tangible impact on their schools and students' outcomes.

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