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  • 2018
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SABER - Teachers report for Singapore

SABER Country Report - Singapore - January 2018

The International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030

The Systems Approach for Better Education Results for Teachers (SABER-Teachers) is an initiative from the World Bank to produce comparative data and knowledge on education policies and institutions, with the aim of helping countries systematically strengthen their education systems. SABER-Teachers helps governments strengthen their frameworks for effective teaching by identifying gaps in their teacher policies. Drawing on an extensive global evidence base, SABER-Teachers empowers countries with information they can use to align their teacher policies in key policy areas toward greater teacher effectiveness, and thereby promoting learning for all children and youth. This report presents the results of the SABER-Teachers tool as applied in Singapore. A collaborative effort between the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 and the World Bank Group's SABER-Teachers initiative made this report possible. All data collection, related analysis, and report preparations were completed by the Teacher Task Force using the World Bank Group’s SABER tools. The report describes the performance of Singapore’s education system in achieving each of the eight teacher policy goals. It also contains comparative information from education systems that have consistently scored highly on international student achievement tests and those that have previously participated in the SABER-Teachers initiative. This report has been formally endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Singapore. The Teacher Task Force is currently collaborating with the World Bank to carry out studies on teachers' policies in 10 countries using the SABER-Teachers' tools and guidelines. You can consult more country reports on the World Bank SABER website. 

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