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Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence and Education

The Beijing consensus on artificial intelligence and education is the outcome document of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education, "Planning education in the AI era: Lead the leap", that took place in May 2021. The document is part of the existing frameworks on AI and education developed within UNESCO's role in steering the global dialogue with policy-makers, partners, academia, and civil society. Other frameworks include the AI and education: A guide for policy-makers released in 2021, and upcoming policy guidelines on the use of generative AI in education and research, as well as frameworks of AI competencies for students and teachers for school education.

One of the recommendations governments and other stakeholders in UNESCO’s Member States included in the Beijing consensus is to ensure that AI empowers teachers and teaching, supporting them in their responsibilities rather than replacing them, while their rights and working conditions are protected. It also states that adequate capacity building needs to be in place to prepare teachers to work effectively in AI-rich education settings.

The document is plurilingual: French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, English.

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