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  • UNESCO International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa (IICBA)
  • 2023
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Assessment of the psychosocial impact of Covid-19 on teachers, teacher educators and learners and psychosocial support needs in selected Sub-Saharan African countries

This study, conducted by UNESCO IICBA in 2021 across 14 African countries, revealed significant psychological impacts of COVID-19. The most prevalent psychological impact was depression, affecting 31% of teachers and 33% of teacher educators. Additionally, anxiety affected 24.6% of teachers and 25.5% of teacher educators, while stress affected 20.8% of teachers and 19.9% of teacher educators. Furthermore, the study found that males were more affected by psychological impacts in terms of depression, anxiety, and stress, compared to females. These impacts were more pronounced among teachers and teacher educators in rural areas than their urban counterparts, and among secondary school teachers and teacher educators compared to primary school counterparts.