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  • International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030,
    Global Education Monitoring Report,
    UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
  • 2020
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2020 World Teachers' Day fact sheet

Teachers are the cornerstone on which we build inclusive, equitable, quality education. The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially compromised teachers’ capacity to maintain education quality due to school closures, the transition to remote teaching and the challenges of returning to school. Yet the COVID-19 crisis has also shed new light on the way in which teachers lead in classrooms, schools and communities. 

To ensure quality teaching and learning continue, so that countries do not lose pace in efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, leadership will play an increasing role. To foster a healthy and equitable learning environment for all, including students further marginalised by the pandemic, countries need to provide quality training to ensure teachers acquire relevant skills to strengthen their leadership roles.

This is a fact sheet prepared for the 2020 World Teachers' Day.

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