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  • International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030
  • 2022
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2018–2021 TTF Results Report: Empowering teachers through advocacy, knowledge and country support

This report presents some of the key achievements of the TTF during the 2018-2021 period. In developing the TTF’s 2018–2021 Strategic Plan, the members of the TTF recognized that there are significant challenges to ensuring that every person is taught by a qualified, motivated, and well-supported teacher. Across the world, countries face severe teacher shortages, and many millions of teachers do not receive sufficient training or hold adequate qualifications to ensure quality education. Moreover, there are important data and knowledge gaps in relation to the teaching profession, and funding for teacher support and professional development is lacking.

During the past four years, the TTF centred its actions around advocacy, knowledge creation and sharing, and country support and engagement to contribute to tackling these global challenges. This report presents some of the key achievements of the network during this period to achieve SDG 4, particularly target 4.c.

Through its advocacy work, the TTF came together as a global platform to call for support for the teaching profession at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, and then continued to draw attention to the critical need for greater investment in teachers and teaching. The network promotes policy dialogue as one of the cornerstones of improving the teaching profession, as witnessed through the three Policy Dialogue Fora organised during this period. It has also developed a new, comprehensive global tool in the TTF Knowledge Hub, to help reduce the knowledge gap on teachers and ensure that relevant and up-to-date information is available to all key stakeholders. Lastly, this quadrennium saw the release of another important global public good to support national governments in developing holistic teacher policies, the Teacher Policy Development Guide.

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