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Zambia - National stakeholders meeting on the institutionalisation of social dialogue for teachers and the development of a comprehensive teacher policy

When: Monday, December 5, 2022 - 08:00 - Tuesday, December 6, 2022 - 17:00
  • Teaching Council of Zambia

The purpose of this in-person national meeting is to create awareness about the teacher policy framework developed with UNESCO and IICBA’s support through the Capacity Development for Education Programme (CapED), foster national ownership, ensure sustainability in implementation, and to engage stakeholders in the key issues and the roadmap for the development of the comprehensive teacher policy in Zambia.

As part of the meeting organized by the Teacher Council of Zambia with CapED’s support, the Teacher Task Force will present its Teacher Policy Development Guide - a key reference designed to assist national decision-makers and education officials to develop evidence-informed national teacher policies as integrated components of national education sector plans or policies, aligned to national development plans and strategies.

The following are the specific objectives of this joint meeting:

  1. to launch and disseminate the developed national framework for social dialogue for teachers in Zambia
  2. to discuss the importance of social dialogues towards improving the status of the teaching profession, teacher quality, teaching and learning in line with the new education 2030 agenda, CESA (2016-20) and ILO recommendations (1966/1997);
  3. to identify mechanisms for scaling up the institutionalizing social dialogues for teachers in the education sector
  4. to identify and discuss key issues affecting the teaching profession in the Zambian education sector
  5. to develop a clear roadmap for developing a comprehensive teacher policy to guide the Ministry of Education in attracting, developing, managing and retaining effective and quality teachers for improved education service delivery

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