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The International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 (TTF) members range from national governments representing different parts of the world to intergovernmental organizations at global, regional or sub-regional levels, international non-governmental organizations, global civil society organizations and global teacher/school leaders representative organizations, bilateral and multilateral international development agencies, and global private sector organizations and foundations.

Members of the TTF meet once a year to review progress and discuss the TTF’s future direction.

New members may join the TTF partnership upon agreement of the Steering Committee. Countries and organizations must submit their request to the Secretariat.

Please consult the Terms of Reference of the Teacher Task Force and contact the TTF Secretariat (teacherstaskforce[at]

As of March 2023, the TTF is composed of 167 members, including 2 associate members:

  • National governments represented by designated officials: 103
  • Intergovernmental organizations at global, regional and subregional levels and United Nations agencies: 20
  • International non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and global teachers' organizations: 31
  • Bilateral and multilateral international development agencies: 4
  • Global private sector organizations and foundations: 9

Each member of the TTF appoints a focal point to represent their country/organization. This focal point is responsible for interactions between the TTF and their respective country/organization. An information guide on the role of focal points is available for download.