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Teacher's handbook remedial education

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  • Teacher guide
  • 2021
  • United States
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Remedial education programs provide responsive and flexible learning support for students as they continue to attend regular public-school classes. Remedial education targets students for whom the regular education system is not the best fit, providing them with content and skills needed to succeed in formal education.

This remedial education handbook is for primary school teachers who are already working in school settings and who want to begin a remedial education program. This handbook is also useful for education personnel such as principals, administrators, and counselors, and can be used for teacher training. It was designed for teachers and education personnel working in Arabic-speaking contexts as a self-guided reference that can be used to design, implement, and improve remedial education classes. It was developed based on World Vision’s experiences facilitating a remedial education program in a specific context (Jordan). However, its contents are versatile and can be applicable in many other contexts where children live in vulnerable conditions and require academic support and protection.

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