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  • European Commission
  • 2013
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Study on policy measures to improve the attractiveness of the teaching profession in Europe - Final report - Volume 2

This the second volume of a report composed of two volumes. This volume provides a detailed description of the methodology of the study and its results. Chapter 1 describes the main methodological issues, such as the difficulty to give an operational definition of attractiveness, the accessibility to information and data, the design and dissemination of the online survey, the implementation of interviews and workshops. Chapter 2 focuses on the issue of teacher shortages in European countries. Chapter 3 explores available data and opinions about teachers’ salaries and working conditions that are deemed as important factors of attractiveness in the literature and by the respondents to the online questionnaire. Chapter 4 deals with the analysis of the data concerning initial teacher education and recruitment. It is followed in Chapter 5 by an analysis of data gathered on support and guidance to newly qualified teachers as well as continuing professional development and mobility. Chapter 6 addresses the issues of the prestige of the profession and the social status of teachers. Chapter 7 presents monographs of each country or education system under scrutiny.
The first volume is available here.

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