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Hands-on Guide for Designing and Developing Digital Interactive Content

In order for the interactive digital content to be effective in the educational process in its various forms, there should be standards of design to ensure the success of the developed digital materials, their use and acceptance by the students. This is in addition to the positive results of such materials when used effectively regardless of the pattern of usage.

If you are a teacher, trainer, material designer, curricula developer or student who is interested in developing and designing interactive digital content for the purpose of teaching and learning, this is the book that you are looking for. This book provides an excellent guide to help the designer to make optimal use of the Model.

This book consists of three parts. The first section focuses on the theoretical part so that the designer becomes familiar with the basic concepts of designing while the second part focuses on hands-on activities dealing with the production of the project. The third part focuses on examples of programs, applications and services that can be used in the production of the interactive digital content.