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  • 2018
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Evaluation of the International Task Force on Teachers 2014-2016

In response to the global teacher gap challenge, the International Task Force on Teachers for Education for All (EFA) was established in 2008 to ‘enhance the performance and progress of the education systems in their efforts to tackle the critical shortage of qualified teachers in order to attain the internationally agreed EFA goals’. With the adoption of the SDGs, its main focus has become to specifically encourage progress towards SDG4 target 4.c. It does so by bringing together stakeholders from different countries around teacher issues in order to prioritize teacher issues, learn about other approaches and receive support where needed.
Against this background, an external evaluation was commissioned with the following objectives:

Review the mandate of the Task Force, the formulation of its objectives, the execution of its Strategic Plan (2014–2016) and annual work plans, its reports on annual activities, and the structures in place for the implementation of its programme, including at country level, as well as its governance and funding modalities.
Undertake an assessment of the activities and expected results of the Task Force.
Analyse the processes, and how and by whom the activities were achieved, and investigate to what degree partners’ capacity was harnessed to implement these activities.
Elaborate recommendations on the measures to take to revitalize international cooperation towards achieving the SDGs, particularly SDG 4. 

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