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    • 2022

    Transformative pedagogy for learning to live together in Southern Africa. A practical guide

    This guide is designed to build the capacity of teachers and education planners so that they are informed and empowered in why and how to educate for living together and epace building . It offers an analysis of conflict, examines the role of ethics, expands on the elements of transformative pedagogy and provides practical tools to promote learners’ active participation in shaping the world around them and assess their understanding of citizenship and peacebuilding concepts.

    Transformative pedagogy empowers both teachers and learners. It encourages learners to be reflective and critical thinkers capable of contributing meaningfully as members of local and global communities. It also redefines the role of teachers. Teachers become facilitators with the disposition, knowledge, skills and commitment to support students in developing their full potential as peacebuilders. This guide can serve in universities, teacher training colleges and schools.

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