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  • 07.04.2021

Teachers in Europe; Careers, Development and Well-being

This report analyses key aspects of the professional life of lower secondary teachers (ISCED 2) across Europe. It is based on qualitative Eurydice data from national policies and legislation, and...
  • 01.04.2021

First KIX LAC International Conference - Teaching professional development in times of COVID: opportunities from innovation


One of the principles of KIX LAC is responding to countries' needs and demands. On this ground, teacher professional development has been one of the topics that representatives have defined as a priority in the agenda for the next years. Therefore, KIX LAC has been organizing several activities that approach the topic from different perspectives, including a conversation led by one of the representatives aimed at analyzing the challenges from a practitioner's point of view, a webinar led by academicians and a workshop for teachers´unions leaders. It is also preparing a policy brief which digs into the topic in the region and a systematic review that will collect lessons and good practices in the field that are relevant for KIX LAC countries. This International Conference has the goal of discussing findings and mobilizing evidence with a broader public.


The event will feature a presentation of high-level authorities and experts. The presentations will be followed by discussion with key actors from the region as Dr. Michael Fullan, the Global Leadership Director, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.


  • Dr. Michael Fullan, the Global Leadership Director, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.
  • Ministers of Education of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Representatives from International Organizations implementing initiatives on teacher professional development.

The event will be broadcast in English, Spanish and French.

The agenda will be available shortly.

For more information about KIX LAC click here

  • 26.03.2021

Conversations on Teaching during COVID-19 Webinar Series

At the end of 2020, the OECD, UNESCO and the Teacher Task Force launched a campaign to hear from teachers around the world about their experience of teaching during the pandemic. We asked them to send in videos describing how they adapted to the crisis, and many wonderful and fascinating insights were shared. These are now publicly available in the Global Teaching InSights platform

To build on this extraordinary work by teachers, we are hosting a series of interactive virtual Conversations on Teaching During Covid-19. Each conversation will bring together a panel of teachers around a common theme to talk more about the challenges they faced and how they have responded in innovative ways.

If you are a teacher or school leader, we invite you join us in these conversations and take part in a deeper discussion on the innovations we saw from teachers around the world. 

Each conversation will be hosted on Zoom Meeting and will be fully interactive, with all participants encouraged to join the discussion.

  • 8 April - Conversation 1: Learning continuity and innovative pedagogy (hosted by UNESCO). Watch the meeting recording.
  • 15 April - Conversation 2: Social-emotional support in a time of crisis (hosted by UNESCO). Register here.
  • 22 April - Conversation 3: Building a stronger profession together (hosted by the OECD). Register here.

Find out more about the starring teachers:

Conversation 1: Learning continuity and innovative pedagogy (Watch the meeting recording)

  • Thomas Harefa from Indonesia shares how he has brought the students back to the center of the teaching practice through self-paced learning
  • Sandeepa Chavan from Ghana shares her experience on making learning fun and enjoyable.
  • Amit Bansal from India shares how he used coding to teach mathematics and geometrics.
  • Seenu Atoll School from the Maldives promotes a creative reading programme for early childhood education.


Conversation 2: Social-emotional support in a time of crisis (Watch the meeting recording)

  • Marina Watt  from Hong Kong (China) shares how she created “affirmation cards” that help students focus to positive thinking. 
  • Nana Gulic  from Croatia shares how she developed resources to help students verbalize their emotions and shared them in an online platform.
  • Noemi Baysa  from the Philippines develops a global citizen project
  • Daniel Antonio Jiménez  from Colombia had his students create music with homemade instruments, involving their families as well.


Conversation 3: Building a stronger profession together


  • 23.03.2021

Global Teaching Insights during Covid-19 - A joint OECD – UNESCO – TTF initiative

Crowdsourcing teacher innovations

In November 2020 the OECD, UNESCO and the Teacher Task Force issued an invitation for teachers, teacher educators and school leaders to submit videos in which they were asked to identify innovative responses that they developed as a response to COVID-19. The idea behind identifying and leveraging these innovations was to:

  • Support other teachers who are facing similar changes and challenges around the globe.
  • Shape society’s efforts to build stronger classrooms for the future.
  • Recognise the unwavering dedication and commitment of the profession.

In particular, the teachers, teacher educators and school leaders were asked to respond to the following questions:

  • What innovations in your teaching are you most proud of?
  • What new forms of collaboration with your peers have been most helpful?
  • What have you learnt and what will your teaching look like in the future?

At the end of the campaign in February 2021, over 100 videos were submitted from 25 countries in 11 languages. The contributions are remarkably diverse and are available on the OECD’s Global Teaching InSights platform.


Overarching themes

Many of the following themes were covered in the teachers’ submissions:

  • Different ways to manage the classroom to ensure learning continuity
  • Providing learners with social-emotional support and building resilience
  • Developing new instructional practices and tackling learning gaps
  • New ways of collaborating with peers


Identifying and leveraging the most promising innovations

The international teaching community is now able to watch and engage with videos through the OECD’s Global Teaching InSights platform.

Alongside an international panel of experts, teachers have the opportunity to identify the innovations that can have a long-lasting impact at scale by filtering the videos by themes and key words.

A series of conversations is planned to bring together teachers, school leaders, policymakers and researchers to discuss the leading ideas and innovations of these videos and what they mean for education going forward. Visit the Conversations on Teaching event post to know the details.

Watch the recording of the first two Coversations: 

Conversation on Teaching during COVID-19 - Learning continuity and innovative pedagogy, which took place 8 April 2021.

Conversation on Teaching during COVID-19 - Social-emotional support in a time of crisis, which took place 15 April 2021:


Click here to join the next Conversation on Building a stronger profession together (22 April).