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  • OREALC/UNESCO Santiago
  • 2016
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Perspectives on teacher-policy development in Latin America and the Caribbean: lessons learnt from the Regional Strategy on Teachers, OREALC/UNESCO 2011-2016

UNESCO is aware that the main challenge faced by the teaching profession refers to the number of teachers at schools, the quality of their training and the school and working conditions. Since 2012 the Regional Strategy on Teachers aims to reduce knowledge and capacity gaps in favor of a quality teachers’ performance in the region, taking advantage of the region’s self capacities. We understand the need to have integrated and articulated policies in the region. We also know that improve the quality of such policies is imperative. In this framework, the Regional Strategy intends to contribute through addressing reflection and producing infor-mation, jointly with key actors in the field of teachers’ policies. Its efforts had involved the production of rigorous collectively-built knowledge which  recognizes  the  region’s  past  experience,  reviews  international  evidence, and take advantage of the highly-experts capacities present in Latin America and the Caribbean.