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  • Jarret Guajardo (Save the Children Basic Education Intern)
  • 2011
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Save the children - Teacher motivation

Teacher Motivation: Theoretical Framework, Situation Analysis of Save the Children Country Offices, and Recommended Strategies - Spring 2011

Jarret Guajardo (Save the Children Basic Education Intern)

This report summarizes the results of research into teacher motivation through literature review, interviews with education experts and practitioners, and survey of Save the Children (SC) country offices (COs). This report defines teacher motivation as the “willingness, drive or desire to engage in good teaching,” (Michaelowa 2002, 5) which is furthermore acted upon. Research indicates that higher teacher motivation is significantly linked to improved student learning outcomes. Therefore, the purpose of this report is two fold: 1) to present a framework of analysis that can be used to diagnose threats to teacher motivation in SC countries of operation, and 2) to offer actionable recommendations to improve teacher motivation and hence student learning outcomes.