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  • 2020
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Ensuring effective distance learning during COVID-19 disruption: guidance for teachers

School closures were mandated as part of public health efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 from February 2020 in most countries, affecting close to 1.6 billion students. As the pandemic continues to evolve, education systems around the world face an unprecedented challenge. Governmental agencies are working with international organizations, private sector partners and civil society to deliver education remotely through a mix of technologies in order to ensure continuity of curriculum-based study and learning for all.

The effectiveness of distance learning strategies is conditioned by the readiness of technology, curricular courses and supporting content, home-based learning support, as well as monitoring and assessment. After curricular courses and delivery technologies are in place, teachers are in the frontline to design and facilitate learning activities, monitor and evaluate students’ home-based distance learning processes, adjust their learning management accordingly, and assess students’ achievement of learning outcomes.

This Guidance aims to help teachers understand key issues related to home-based distance learning during COVID-19 school closures and design and facilitate effective learning activities, with a special emphasis on education from pre-primary to upper secondary level.