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  • International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030
    UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
  • 2021
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2021 World Teachers' Day fact sheet

Teachers are a cornerstone of quality education systems and play a key role in building inclusive and equitable societies. While the deadline to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is less than a decade away, COVID-19 has the potential to undermine efforts and reverse progress. To support sustainable education recovery, teachers must be placed at the centre of all efforts.

Closer monitoring of the global teacher targets (SDG 4.c) is central to achieve this. While indicators of teacher quantity and quality remain important, more efforts are needed to understand teacher training programmes and qualifications, as well as support provided to teachers, including pedagogical, health and safety, psychosocial well-being and compensation. After all, the social standing and improvement of the profession depend heavily on these factors.

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